City hiking path 12 - Wienerberg

The route takes you through one of Vienna's most famous recreation areas, the Wienerberg. About 1.8 million people visit this area every year. The city hiking path 12 also takes you to Vösendorf, a beautiful little village with an old castle.

The city hiking path can also be found on the online Vienna city map for mobile devices. While you are walking, enable location access on your mobile phone to show your current location on the map.


The city hiking path 12 is the second city hiking path of the City of Vienna that leads through a neighbouring municipality. The route is as follows:

Frödenplatz (tram line 11) - Neilreichgasse direction south - through the skate park Frödenplatz - Per-Albin-Hansson-Straße over the A23 - southwards through the park - along the Liesingbach back to Neilreichgasse - Hans-Dunkl-Park - Toscanigasse - recreation area Traviatagasse - Dr.-Helmut-Zilk-Wald - over Vorarlberger Allee - cycle path "Thermenradweg" - Wienerstraße - Prof.-Peter-Jordan-Straße to the east - Vösendorf castle - along S1 and A2 back to Vienna - turn right before city border - Vera-Schwarz-Gasse - Vorarlberger Allee - Richard-Strauss-Straße - Draschepark - Liesingbrücke - Anton-Balzer-Weg - over Triester Straße - along the railway through park - Gutheil-Schoder-Gasse - through the sport facility Eibelsbrunnergasse - on Wilfried-Kirchner-Weg through the Wienerberg recreation area and back to the starting point Frödenplatz (tram line 11)

Where to eat and drink along the way

  • Gasthaus Koci
  • Sporttreff Pachler
  • Schlosscafé Vösendorf
  • Schlossheuriger Vösendorf
  • Fleischhauerei Hausenberger
  • Gasthof Weinknecht
  • Müller Bräu
  • Das Chadim
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