City hiking path 11 - Highlights of municipal housing development in Vienna

Vienna's municipal housing estates are the largest protected social housing habitat in Europe. The fascinating flora and fauna of this habitat make for the special appeal of this urban hiking route.

The city hiking path can also be found on the online Vienna city map for mobile devices. While you are walking, enable location access on your mobile phone to show your current location on the map.


The route leads right through the heart of the municipal housing habitat along the Vienna Gürtel road, taking you deep into the mesmerizing world of social housing. Nine info stations along the way offer detailed information on the flora and fauna to be found in municipal housing estates - a once visionary and exotic biotope that is now home to almost 500.000 people.

Stations along the way

  1. Bruno-Kreisky-Park
  2. Haydnhof housing estate
  3. Leopoldine-Glöckel-Hof
  4. Rumannhof/Metzleinstaler Hof
  5. Herweghof/Julius-Popp-Hof
  6. Leopld-Rister-Gasse 5/Matzleinsdorfer high rise building, Theodor-Körner-Hof
  7. Julus-Ofner-Hof
  8. Zürcher Hof
  9. Amalienbad public indoor pool
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