Enquiry Services of the Municipal and Provincial Archives of Vienna

In case you are interested in tracing your ancestors, please make sure to gather as much background information (like place of birth, date of birth or death) as possible before turning to us. If your question is not answered by the information on this site, you are welcome to contact us.

Services for free

  • advice given in the reading room
  • short information on our archival records
  • advice on how to access these records

Services that require payment

  • research on people, houses, places or events via e-government services
  • making copies of documents

The Municipial and Provincial Archives of Vienna can neither compile family trees nor do extensive research on local or general history.

Notes about enquiries

  • We only answer requests that are transmitted via our e-government services.
  • Be specific. What information, document or individual are you trying to find? Mention any sources you have already consulted so we do not recommend them to you again.
  • We respond to every request we receive. We receive more than 1,000 inquiries per month and we respond to each in sequence. We aim to answer them within the time limit of two months which is prescribed by regulation or send an intermediate answer within that period.
  • The enquiries are answered in German.
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