Information from historical residence registration records - application

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General information

The historical residential registration records from 1904 to 1975 are stored in the Municipial and Provinicial Archives of Vienna. All records from 1975 onwards are still located at the Meldeservice - Zentrale Meldeauskunft (MA 62) (German).

Data protection

For information on data protection and your data protection rights as an individual please visit: Data Protection Notice (German)


Please understand that the information we are able to provide may be restricted due to legal regulations.




Municipal and provincial archives of Vienna (MA 8) (German)
postal address: 1010, Rathaus
1110 Vienna, Guglgasse 14, Gasometer D (access via Gasometer A)
Phone: +43 1 4000-84808
Fax: +43 1 4000-84809

Documents required

In order to successfully identify a person in the historical residence registration records, the full name as well as an additional identifier must be given (i.e. date of birth, profession, or home address at a specific point in time). Married women and small children were often registered with their husbands or parents respectively, and therefore cannot be researched separately. For very common family names like "Müller", "Schmid" or "Novak", it is essential to provide additional information, such as the place of birth (for women) or profession (for men).


A fee of EUR 35 is charged for every half hour of research. The maximum time of research per request is two hours. The fee will be charged even if the research has been unsuccessful.

Processing time

An answer will be sent within two months.


Online form: Information from historical residence registration records - application

Further information

  • An individual form must be filled in for every person researched.
  • Due to legal regulations and conservation issues, it is not possible to provide copies of residential registration records.
  • Please only ask for the information you really need, and provide as much detail as possible in order to speed up the research process. Research will not be conducted on the basis of insufficient information.
  • No more than five requests can be handled at a time.
  • The enquiries are answered in German.
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