Requesting information from the Municipal and Provincial Archives of Vienna - application

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General information

Possible reasons for using the archives include academic research, research in local history or genealogy, individual legal matters, or internal purposes of the local public administration.

Archival records are primarily meant to be used in the reading room of the Vienna City Archives. Applicants who cannot visit the archives in person may send a written request by using this form. Further information on options for researchers is provided by the Vienna City Archives.

Data protection

For information on data protection and your data protection rights as an individual please visit: Data Protection Notice (German)


In order to do successful research in our records for you, we need to have as much information as possible on the person, topic or document you are looking for. When looking for information on a person, please provide their full (first and family) name and exact date of birth or death. All further information provided will help to speed up the research process.

Please quote sources or literature references in as much detail as possible.

Research can only be done on people who live(d) in Vienna, or on topics clearly related to Vienna. The information requested must be limited to a specific topic and period of time, as enquiries on general history will not be answered. In this case, please look for relevant literature in a nearby library. Please keep in mind our archives only contain administrative records, so almost no private photos, records or diaries are kept here. The City Archives are not in a position to draw up entire family trees or work in the context of scientific research contracts.




Municipal and provincial archives of Vienna (MA 8) (German)
postal address: 1010, Rathaus
1110 Vienna, Guglgasse 14, Gasometer D (access via Gasometer A)
Phone: +43 1 4000-84808
Fax: +43 1 4000-84809

Documents required

When searching for a person who lived in Vienna, it is essential that you provide their full (first and family) name, plus at least one additional piece of information (e.g. date of birth or death, profession, address of residence at a specific time). Please clearly define time frame you are interested in. If cannot provide the information stated above, the City Archives will be unable to process your request, and you will need to do research in the archives yourself.


An official processing fee of EUR 35 is charged for every half hour of research. The maximum time of research per request is two hours. The fee will be charged even if the research has been unsuccessful.

For billing purposes, please provide your primary address of residence and date of birth.

Upon request, the City Archives can also send you digital copies of records. A separate fee is charged if documents are copied or scanned for you (German).

Billing and payment (German)
For any questions regarding payment, please contact: Municipal Department 6 - Accounting Department 1 (German).

Processing time

An answer will be sent to you within two months.


Online form: Requesting information from the Municipal and Provincial Archives of Vienna - application

Further information

  • Original records and documents are only available in the reading rooms.
  • Please understand that the information we are able to provide may be restricted due to legal regulations.
  • The enquiries are answered in German.

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