Inspection of house sewers, septic tanks and separators - order

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You can order the inspection of house sewers, septic tanks, soakage pits and separators online.

General information

The inspection of house sewers, septic tanks, soakage pits and sewage treatment plants must be carried out by the Vienna City Administration (Magistrat) or authorised businesses.

Wien Kanal offers the following services:

  • Inspection of and status report on house sewers, e.g. after purchasing a house or property
  • Inspection of sewers if you suspect a blockage or fault
  • Inspection of new home sewer systems
  • Inspection of the connection of new or altered house sewers to the public sewer system
  • Re-inspection of the connection to the public sewer system following a required rectification of deficiencies (fee levied regardless of whether the rectification measures were ordered by the building inspection authorities or the customer)
  • Inspection of septic tanks and soakage pits

A general inspection including a leakage test of all parts of the installation and intake lines must be conducted by an authorised professional before a separator is put into service and in five-year intervals following the initial inspection. Before the inspection, the separator must be emptied and cleaned in compliance with the relevant regulations.

General inspection of separators, e.g. oil or petrol separators at petrol stations or garages pursuant to ÖNORM EN 858-2 chapter 6 or grease separators in the restaurant and hotel industry pursuant to ÖWAV Rule Sheet 39. The general inspection includes:

  • Emptying and cleaning of the separator
  • Inspection of the condition of the separator as well as the electrical installations
  • Inspection of the built-in parts and interior coating
  • Inspection of the taring of the floater
  • Inspection of the excess height of the separator
  • Leakage test of all parts of the installation
  • Leakage test of the intake line
  • Inspection of the maintenance book

The services are provided by Wien Kanal. The immediate inspection work is contracted to authorised third parties and invoiced without any surcharges.

Data protection

For information on data protection and your data protection rights as an individual please visit: Data Protection Notice (German)


For the inspection of a house sewer you need the signed order and a valid billing address.


No fixed deadlines, but regular house sewer inspections are recommended depending on the age, system, condition and use of the sewer.

The inspection of septic tanks, soakage pits and separators is carried out by appointment with the relevant district office of Wien Kanal. Long-term contracts with fixed times for regular emptying are possible.


Wien Kanal (German)
1030 Vienna, Modecenterstraße 14
Phone: +43 1 4000-8030

or any authorised professional company

Information on costs and billing:
Monday to Friday 7.30 am to 3.30 pm
Phone: +43 1 4000-8030

Documents required

You do not need any special documents for the inspection of a house sewer.

For the inspection of septic tanks and soakage pits, you should provide inventory documents and documents about the installation of the containers (e.g. planning documents, blueprints, etc.)

For the inspection of separators, you need to provide

  • Maintenance books of the separator system and records of past emptying services
  • Standardisation and technical description of the separator system
  • Planning documents also covering the sewer system and its connection to the public sewer system


You will be billed for the time expended for personnel, vehicles and equipment required for the inspection.

The inspection of separators is contracted to authorised third parties and invoiced by Wien Kanal without any surcharges. If this is the first time Wien Kanal comes into contact with the separator, an initial assessment is compulsory, which will incur a fee.

Should parts of a sewer system not be accessible by sewer camera (e.g. due to blockage or burst pipes), additional measures such as high-pressure flushing or mechanical cleaning may be necessary, incurring additional costs.

Further information:

You will be sent a payment slip to pay the fees.

Payment must be made to the appropriate accounting department of Municipal Department 6 (Rechnungs- und Abgabenwesen - Buchhaltungsabteilung 9)


Online form: Inspection of a house sewer/septic tank/separator - order (German)

Further information

If needed, a copy of a previously issued official document (e.g. inspection of sewer, report on sewer) may be requested from, provided Wien Kanal has them. Laws, regulations and the state of the art may change in the domain of house sewers and wastewater disposal in general. A positive assessment of a house sewer issued years ago may therefore no longer comply with the current state of the art and regulations. In the last decades, changes have been made in particular to backflow prevention and environmental protection standards.

Wien Kanal does not carry out construction measures like tree root removal or repairs in private sewer systems. If you require such services, please contract a professional company.

Special terms and conditions of Wien Kanal for general services: 184 KB PDF (German)

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