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Outdoor advertising structures - notification

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General information

An outdoor advertising structure is any advertising vehicle placed in natural surroundings that advertises products, companies, etc. (such as posters, fluorescent letters, announcements, or signs).

Data protection

For information on data protection and your data protection rights as an individual please visit: Data Protection Notice (German)


An advance notification is required for constructing, placing, or mounting an outdoor advertising structure as well as for making any substantial changes to such a structure. If the structure is planned in a conservation area (German), it also requires a licence as per the Vienna Nature Conservation Act.

This does not include legally required shop or business names and signs, signs pointing to protected structures, conservation areas or cultural sights, and election posters.


The notification must be filed before the planned start of the activity.


Environmental Protection (MA 22)
1200 Vienna, Dresdner Straße 45
Phone: +43 1 4000-73440
Fax: +43 1 4000-99-73415
International fax number: +43 1 4000-7222
E-mail: post@ma22.wien.gv.at

Mondays to Wednesdays from 8 am to 3.30 pm, Thursdays from 8 am to 6 pm, Fridays from 8 am to 2 pm
Please phone to make an appointment.
Opening hours on Good Friday, 24 and 31 December from 7.30 am to 12 noon; closed on public holidays.


An expert report will be made and used to determine whether there are any legal reasons prohibiting the measure (German).

The measure can be prohibited if the structure will have a considerable adverse effect on the ecosystem, appearance or recreational value of the landscape due to its size, shape, colours or lighting. The expert opinion is the technical basis for the decision and is forwarded to the applicant. Comments on the report can be submitted in writing to the Environmental Protection (MA 22) within 14 days. Hearings are held only in exceptional cases.

If there are no reasons prohibiting the measure, the Municipal Department of Environmental Protection (MA 22) can either issue an administrative order confirming the admissibility of the plan within three months or not react. If the Municipal Department of Environmental Protection (MA 22) does not react within three months, the advertising structure is admissible and the planned measures may begin.

If there is a legal reason prohibiting the measure, the Municipal Department of Environmental Protection (MA 22) will prohibit the planned measures within three months by administrative order. This period can be extended by another three months.

Authentication and signature

Authentication or signature of the application is not required.

Documents required

The following documents must be attached to the written notification:

  • Description of the planned action
  • Scale layout plan or scale drawing
  • Current excerpt from the land register for the lot on which the structure or measure is planned
  • Written permission of the owner or owners to carry out said measure, if they are not themselves the applicants

Type and format of the evidence to be submitted:
You can find more information about bringing in documents at: Contact the City of Vienna (German)


The fees are due when the procedure is concluded and amount to:

  • Application fee: EUR 14.30
  • Fee per page of attachment: EUR 3.90

For any questions regarding payment, please contact the competent accounting department (Buchhaltungsabteilung 40) (German) of Municipal Department 6.


Online notification: Outdoor advertising structures (German)

Further information

The permission expires

  • with the end of the time period determined in the administrative order, or
  • if the permission has not been used after five years from the administrative order becoming final, or
  • if the measure is not completed within six years from the administrative order becoming final

Should a permission expire, it is no longer admissible to carry out the planned measure and a new notification must be filed.

Legal basis: § 19 Vienna Nature Conservation Act (German)

Means of redress or appeal

An appeal is possible against rulings issued by an authority and shall be filed by the party within a 4 weeks term with the authority that issued the ruling of first instance (against rulings without investigation procedure within a two weeks term). The term starts with the receipt of the written copy of the ruling, in the case of oral pronouncement simultaneously with it.

The appeal shall indicate the ruling it contests, the authority that issued the ruling and contain a motion of appeal with the reasons. No more appeal is admissible if the party expressly waived the right of appeal after receipt or pronouncement of the ruling.

Each ruling contains instructions on the right to appeal and indicates the authority and the deadline for submission of such appeal.

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