Brennpunkt° - Vienna´s Museum of Heating Customs

For the best possible COVID-19 protection, we reserve a separate time slot for you.
Please pay attention to the safety precautions: Keep a distance of at least 1 meter, observe the general hygiene rules and cover your mouth and nose with a FFP2 mask.

Museum of heating Customs. Exterior View of the building.

The hottest museum in town

Brennpunkt° offers interesting and surprising insights into the history of heating and day-to-day life in the city. more

Man explaining part of the exhibition to a group of children.

Specials for young & old

Our guided tours for children are packed with information and fun all in one. Why not embark on a journey through time into the world of energy and heating? more

Several stoves in a row, displayed in a green exhibition room.


There is more to our exhibition than beautiful stoves. more

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