Brennpunkt° - the hottest museum in town

Museum of heating Customs. Exterior View of the building.

"Brennpunkt" is the German term for "focus" - the point at which rays from different directions meet. The same goes for our museum: it is a place of unusual content and radiant power.

Brennpunkt° is home to unique objects preserved nowhere but here: old boiler plants and refrigerators, catering kitchen facilities and steam heating for schools, hospitals and nurseries. Also on display are ornate stoves and quaint everyday gadgets, as well as two classrooms heated by single stoves. The historical stoves and heating installations can be viewed from various perspectives, offering insight into the history of heating and day-to-day life in the city.

Brennpunkt° presents heating in the context of social and cultural changes. The itinerary takes you from the city and its facilities across the private aspects of peoples’ lives, from heating to cooking, bathing and cleaning.

Hook up with our interactive play stations to learn more about heat energy - about the pains of energy generation and the planning of energy-efficient homes. To round off your trip catch a glimpse of the future of energy supply.

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