Urban Area

Vienna 2016
Total area 41,487 hectare (4,465,769.6 squarefeet)
Built-up area 14,911 hectare (35.9 %)
Green space 18,669 hectare (45.0 %)
Bodies of water 1,916 hectare (4.6 %)
Roads, streets 5,992 hectare (14.4 %)
Length of city boundaries 136.5 kilometer
Highest elevation Hermannskogel (543 meters)
Lowest elevation Lobau (151 meters)
Northernmost border point Border point 60 in the cadastral district of Stammersdorf, located approximately
1,400 meters north-west of "Rendezvous" inn (21st municipal district)
Easternmost border point Border point 176 in the cadastral district of Kaiserebersdorf-Herrschaft
(22nd municipal district), approximately 700 meters north of Gänsehaufen-Traverse
Westernmost border point Westernmost corner of the wall around the Lainz Wildlife Preserve, approximately
1,000 meters north-west of "Altes Dianator" gate (13th municipal district)
Southernmost border point Approximately 370 meters south-west of "Schutzengelkreuz" in the cadastral
district of Unter-Laa (10th municipal district)
Longest street Höhenstraße (17th and 19th districts) - 15.0 kilometers
Shortest street Irisgasse (1st district) - 17.5 meters
Highest building Donauturm tower in Donaupark (22nd district)

Source: Municipal Departments 28, 37 and 41.

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