Vienna cycle network

If you want to make your way around Vienna by bike, you will find a well-developed cycle network throughout the whole city. The Vienna cycle network comprises 1,654 kilometres and is growing constantly. It consists of different kinds of cycle routes such as cycleways, cycle lanes, cycle paths, combined pedestrian and cycle paths, multiple purpose lanes, and traffic-calmed zones. Cyclists are also allowed to travel a great number of one-way streets in both directions.

Cycle routes on the city map

Printed Vienna cycling map (Radkarte Wien)

The printed Vienna cycling map shows the city’s major cycle routes, and their connections in the existing road network. It helps you find the best way from A to B. Apart from that, it shows bike rental stations, drinking fountains, public bicycle pumps, and bicycle shops. It is an ideal supplement to the detailed cycling maps sold in bookshops. The Vienna cycling map is available free of charge in bike shops, libraries, and museums, or can be ordered online (German).

Cycling app

The App Bike Citizens for your smartphone helps you find your way around the city. It offers real-time navigation, information, news, and a bicycle computer which provides information on your cycling behaviour.

Cycle parking

You will find safe and convenient bike parking on streets, public places, and at stations all over Vienna. The online city map gives you detailed information about their location, and number of places.

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