Citybike Vienna

Woman on a City bike in front of St Stephen's Cathedral

The Vienna Citybike service is a public bike rental system that allows everyone to move around by bike in Vienna at no or low cost. 1,500 bikes are currently available at 121 locations (terminals) throughout the city, and the number is set to increase. The service is popular with both locals and tourists. A special website makes it easy to find Citybike terminals.

Citybike Wien

Facts and figures

The Citybike service was launched in 2003, and by now the number of registered users has reached 480,000. Peak times for Citybike rentals are in the morning and late afternoon.

Information on the go

The website is optimised for mobile phones and provides comprehensive information on all Citybike terminals. Everyone who has a mobile device with Internet access can make sure a bike is currently available at the terminal of their choice.

The website also offers a detailed area plan for every terminal, making it easy to find terminals everywhere in Vienna. Frequent query options make the service even more user-friendly and useful in everyday life - for instance, all terminals along a given underground line can be displayed on the online map.

City Bike stations

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