Registration and notice of change

Whether you take or give up lodgings in Austria you are required to register with the relevant authority or notify that authority of your departure from your current address. You must also report changes in main residence, name or citizenship (registration of new circumstances). Registration matters in Vienna are within the competence of the district offices.

Why do I have to register?

According to Austrian law you have to register with the authorities within three days before or after moving to a new address. The residence registration is connected with postal services and with several rights such as voting rights and parking stickers (Parkpickerl).

Required documents

  • Completed application form (residence registration form) and your landlord’s signature if you live in a rented flat
  • Birth certificate
  • If you hold more than one citizenship you have to submit all documents proving your identity, place of birth, and nationality, i.e. basically travel documents.
  • Foreign citizens have to submit a passport or asylum certificate (Asylausweis)

Residence registration form (Meldezettel)

The residence registration form is available at every Registration Service Centre in the Vienna District Offices (Magistratisches Bezirksamt) or you can download it:

Residence Registration Form: 1.5 MB PDF (German)

Where do I have to register?

You can register at any of the Registration Service Centres in the Vienna District Offices no matter which district you live in.

Addresses of Registration Service Centres in Vienna (German)

Residence Registration Certificate (Meldebestätigung)

  • After the registration procedure you receive a residence registration certificate for free.
  • You have to pay a fee if you need further certificates for your primary residence for yourself or for other persons for whose registration you are responsible (e.g. your child). In this case you just need to submit a photo ID (e.g. passport or driving licence).


  • Residence registration procedures are free of charge
  • If you need further certificates (without a registration procedure) you have to pay:
    • an application fee of EUR 14.30 (not in case of an oral application)
    • an extra fee of EUR 14.30 if the certificate is NOT addressed to a particular person or authority (except the applicant him/herself)
    • and a federal administrative charge of EUR 3

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