Searching for a flat

Finding a flat

There are various ways to search for a flat in Vienna. You can find one by checking out

  • advertisements on the Internet or in newspapers – you can also place your own advert there,
  • real estate agents (Immobilienmakler/Immobilienmaklerin),
  • property websites,
  • property managements (Hausverwaltungen),
  • non-profit residential building associations,
  • credit institutions and building societies, or by
  • word of mouth – friends and acquaintances might know someone who lets a flat.

Moreover, there are several institutions where you can direct yourself for help if you need general information and personal advice on city-owned flats (Gemeindewohnungen) and co-operative flats (Genossenschaftswohnungen):

For newly arrived residents in employment and students

Mein Wien-Apartment is a trust for temporary housing in Vienna. It offers newly arrived residents in employment (employment assurance is sufficient), as well as students, a place to live in one of its approximately 3,700 furnished flats. In order to assist people as quickly as possible, the application process is very unbureaucratic. The minimum time span for occupancy is seven months, the maximum length of stay is three years. In some buildings it is also possible to conclude an open-ended tenancy agreement (unbefristeter Mietvertrag).

If you want to view the flats of Mein Wien-Apartment, you will have to bring a number of documents with you.

Who is entitled to sell or rent out?

If you want to know who is entitled to sell or rent out, you can check the excerpt from the land register (Grundbuch) at the district court (against payment) or the landlord’s purchase or tenancy agreement.

Costs and financing

When renting a flat, bear in mind the various costs that need to be allocated:

  • Non-recurring costs
  • Rent
  • Monthly running costs
  • Heating and electricity
  • Loans
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