The Kläffer Spring - Water for Vienna

Every day, up to 217 million litres of water are transported from this spring in the Styrian Salza Valley to Vienna, overcoming an altitude difference of 360 metres in 36 hours.

Kläffer Spring

The Kläffer Spring is one of Europe's richest drinking water springs. It rises at a distance of 14 kilometres from Wildalpen in the Styrian Salza Valley, on the northern slope of the powerful Hochschwab Massif.

In the winter months, the yield of the spring is small. But in spring, with the thawing of the snow, a staggering 10,000 litres of water per second gush from the mountain, equalling 860 million litres per day. During this period and after heavy rainfall, lovely waterfalls attaining a drop height of up to 70 metres form along a section of 300 metres near the spring.

Wildalpen Plant Management

The water protection zone around the Brunngraben, Höllbach, Siebensee, Schreyerklamm and Kläffer springs is monitored by the management of the Wildalpen plant.


The Kläffer Spring can be visited by groups of at least ten persons free of charge against prior appointment and in combination with a visit to the MountainSpringWater Museum Wildalpen.

The Kläffer Spring provides a glimpse behind the scenes of drinking water supply. The spring aperture is reached via an access gallery of approximate 90 metres length.

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