The Favoriten Water Tower

Water Tower Favoriten

The Water Tower Webcam shows pictures of Vienna from west to north to east.

On top of Wienerberg Hill in Vienna’s 10th municipal district Favoriten, the Water Tower is one of the most striking landmarks in the industrial-historicist style. It was built in 1898/99 to supply the higher-situated zones of the 10th and 12th municipal districts with drinking water. A few years later, this task was taken over by the Second Vienna Spring Water Main, which took up operation in 1910. As of that period, the tower was used only occasionally, for example whenever the Second Vienna Spring Water Main was to be shut down for maintenance works.

Technical data

The total height of the Favoriten Water Tower is 67 metres (including the weather vane). The sheet-steel reservoir inside the tower can store approximately 1,000 cubic metres of water and rests on a brick cylinder at 25 metres height. The top of the tower is reached by ascending via a 203-metre-long spiral ramp running along the inside wall. At the height of the skylight turret, at 48 metres above ground level, an external, one-metre-wide walkway around the building discloses an impressive view of Vienna.

Rehabilitation of the tower

The Favoriten Water Tower was comprehensively rehabilitated by the Vienna Water between 1988 and 1990. The reconstruction of the roof ornaments proved particularly time-consuming, as they were redone in the original style using glazed roof tiles in five different colours. Today, the Favoriten Water Tower offers an attractive setting for exhibitions and other cultural events.

Location and guided tours

Guided tours are offered in the context of exhibition openings and Water School events. Unfortunately, no other guided tours are available at the moment.

Photo gallery

Staircase inside the Water Tower
interior view of the Water Tower

Tank filled with water inside the Water Tower
Pipes inside the Water Tower
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