Day 2: The Water Main Hiking Path from Bad Vöslau to Mödling

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The complete hike takes approximately four hours.

Hiking path from Bad Vöslau to Mödling

Map of day 2 of the Water Main Hiking Path

For hikers from Vienna, the fastest way to reach the spa town of Bad Vöslau is by train, either via the southern railway line or via the S-Bahn commuter trains. From Bad Vöslau Railway Station, take the direction of Waldandacht - Weinbergstrasse. At the Schlumberger Winery, turn right into Weinbergstrasse and follow the course of the Spring Water Main among the vineyards until you reach the village of Sooss. Cross the main road and continue in the direction of Baden.

Before reaching the B210 federal road (which would block your path), turn from Erzherzogin-Isabelle-Straße first left into Waldgasse and immediately afterwards right, walking along the Spring Water Main in the direction of the Baden Aqueduct. The aqueduct is visible on your right at the junction of the Spring Water Main and Steinbruchgasse. Walk below this structure designed in the style of its Roman predecessors and turn left at the first intersection (Jägerhausstraße). Continue along this street, then cross Hildegard Bridge on Schwechat River. Soon you will pass the famous thermal baths.

Walk on via Schlossgasse to its end, then turn right into Marchetstraße. Follow this street until reaching the casino, where you turn left into Arenastraße, which you follow up to the crossing with Welzergasse. Now turn left, followed by a right turn directly afterwards, entering Trostgasse. This will soon bring you back to the Spring Water Main.

At the foot of Heberlberg Hill, walk on in the direction of Gumpoldskirchen. Just before reaching that village, enjoy a sip of fresh mountain spring water at the Water Main House. Refreshed, you walk on to Gumpoldskirchen, where you arrive between castle and parish house. Continue until reaching the church square (Kirchenplatz). From here, pass below the archway into Josef-Schöffelstraße, cross Mödlinger Straße and walk among vineyards along the course of the Spring Water Main until reaching Mödling.

Leave the Spring Water Main near the cemetery; walking first steeply, then more gently downhill, crossing a deciduous forest and vineyards until reaching Guntramsdorfer Straße. Now follow Weisses-Kreuz-Gasse until reaching Mödling Railway Station via the brook promenade as the last section of your hike.

The complete hike takes approximately four hours.

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