OekoBusiness Wien - Partners

OekoBusiness Wien is based on an interactive and cooperative approach between all partners.

Public authorities, interest groups and enterprises all work together on OekoBusiness Wien to implement precautionary and integrative environmental protection policies and actions that also support businesses' profitability. Public subsidies are granted for consultancy and training and capital investments are made by the private-sector companies, in some cases with support from additional public sources.

The major partners of OekoBusiness Wien are:

  • Vienna Economic Chamber
  • Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism
  • AK Wien (Vienna Labour Chamber)
  • ÖGB (Austrian Trade Unions Federation)
  • Vienna Business Agency
  • Municipal Department 36 - Senior experts for the industrial code
  • Municipal District Offices (local authority for business procedures)

Networking and cooperation among all partners helps to create a win-win situation for the environment and for businesses in Vienna. OekoBusiness Wien supports the environment while at the same time contributing to economic stability and job creation.

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