shady parkway with park benches

Description of the Park

This park near the Sandleiten residential complex was built in 1928 at the same time as the Congress Pool and was one of the major social projects of the Twenties.

The layout for Kongreßpark originates from the drawing board of architect Erich Leischner, who later became head of the architecture department at Vienna's urban development office. Garden director Kratochwjle then implemented the plans with the ideal plantings for urban parks. The entrance to the park is located on Sandleitengasse in the 16th district. The park itself covers about six hectares. An interesting spatial link has been created between this park, the kindergarten and Congress Pool.

The park's layout is based on several large-scale geometric shapes for individual areas and space combinations, which are linked by undulating paths. Today the visitor has a choice of two main paths through the park. The park's principal attractions lie in its expansive open areas accentuated by large trees, and the importance of the park as one of the finest examples of parks built during the First Republic.

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