KLiP - The City of Vienna's Climate Protection Programme

KLiP II (2010-2020)

On the 18th December 2009 the city council of Vienna enacted the update of the climate protection programme of the city of Vienna (KLiP II), which will be valid until 2020. This programme is the update of the so called KLiP I, which was enacted 1999 and consists of 37 sets of measures with a total of 385 individual measures in the five fields of action:

  • Energy supply
  • Use of energy
  • Mobility and town-structure
  • Procurement, waste management, agriculture and forestry, nature conservation
  • Public relations

KLiP I (1999-2009)

In 1999, the City of Vienna created a particularly ambitious and committed environmental programme with its Climate Protection Programme (KLiP). "KLiP Wien" is the most comprehensive environmental programme ever launched by the city. The aim to avoid 2,6 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) was reached in 2006.

The 36 KLiP programmes included a total of 241 individual measures in the areas of "district heating and electricity generation", "housing", "businesses", "city administration" and "mobility". The KLiP Programme has not only been developed to reduce greenhouse gases and improve the quality of life in Vienna. Its many activities also strengthen Vienna's economy through the creation and protection of jobs.

Examples for climate protection measures


Cover of the short version of KliP II

KliP II will be valid until 2020. The short version of KliP II is available in German and other languages:

Cover of the KliP report 2012

A report regarding the implementation of the Climate Protection Programme (KliP) is regularly submitted to the Vienna City Council. The short version of the progress report is available in German and other languages:

Further information

  • Protecting our climate. Practical examples in Vienna: 2 MB PDF
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  • Brochure "Easy things you can do to help our climate": 516 KB PDF 60 KB RTF
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