Climate Roadmap

In 2022 Vienna presented its climate roadmap, which has set out the path to achieving climate neutrality by 2040:

Vienna Climate Guide (5 MB PDF)

By planning proactively, Vienna has become what it is today: the most liveable city in the world. Climate change requires viable, long-term solutions. With this in mind, the Vienna City Government committed itself to the objective of climate neutrality by 2040. Based on the extensive groundwork laid by the city, the Vienna Climate Guide brings together the key levers, measures, and tools needed to achieve climate neutrality and climate resilience in Vienna.

Climate protection programs 1999 to 2021

KLiP II (2010-2020)

On the 18th December 2009 the city council of Vienna enacted the update of the climate protection program of the city of Vienna (KLiP II), which had been validuntil the end of 2021. It included individual measures in 5 fields of action:

  • Energy supply
  • Use of energy
  • Mobility and town-structure
  • Procurement, waste management, agriculture and forestry, nature conservation
  • Public relations

Vienna's past climate protection measures were effective. Per capita GHG emissions in 2019 decreased by 39% compared to 1990, far exceeding the KLIP's target for 2020 (21% reduction in per capita values of 1990).

KLiP I (1999-2009)

In 1999, the City of Vienna created an ambitious and committed environmental programme with its Climate Protection Program (KLiP). It aimed to avoid 2,6 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), which proved to be a success in 2006.

There were 36 KLiP programs and 241 individual measures in the areas of district heating and electricity generation, housing, businesses, city administration and mobility. The aim was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve Vienna's quality of life. The program's many activities strengthened Vienna's economy by creating and protecting jobs.

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