Establishing a water connection

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General information

Wiener Wasser (Vienna Waterworks) is in charge of installing a connection to the water supply system.

Data protection

For information on data protection and your data protection rights as an individual please visit: Datenschutzrechtliche Information (German)


  • An adequate place for installing a water meter (e.g. a shaft, water meter room, basement, wall niche), to be agreed with Vienna Waterworks.
  • Water supply registration


The date of connection depends on when exactly the applicable fees and charges are paid.


Vienna Waterworks (MA 31) (German)
1060 Vienna, Grabnergasse 4-6
Phone: +43 1 599 59-31600
Fax: +43 1 59959-99-31600

Please fix an appointment by phone.

Documents required

An on-site inspection must be held before establishing a tap connection. After receiving your completed online form, the responsible officer will contact you to make an appointment. You will be required to supply the following documents:

  • Proof of property ownership
  • Property plan
  • If applicable: basement plan
  • If applicable: letter of proxy (e.g. from the property owner/s)


  • Fees and charges:
    • Application fee: EUR 14.30 (federal fee)
    • EUR 6.54 administrative charge
  • Installation fee: The fee depends on the diameter of the supply pipe; it is always payable before the commencement of installation works:
    • Case 1: There are flat fees for the installation of supply pipes with the following diameters: DN 25 millimetres (for a building with one or two flats), DN 40 mm and DN 50 mm. A supplementary fee applies if a second round of works is required (in case of a temporary tap connection during building works). It is EUR 341.55 for diameters DN 25 or DN40, and EUR 743.82 for DN 50
      • DN 25 mm: EUR 4,263.05
      • DN 40 mm: EUR 4,431.30
      • DN 50 mm: EUR 8,467.91
    • Case 2: If the supply pipe diameter exceeds 50 mm, Vienna Waterworks will calculate the prospective fee (as a preliminary cost estimate, not an official quote). The actual installation fee, including the costs of restoring the road surface, always corresponds to the final cost of works and is invoiced after the connection has been established.
  • Connection charge: The charge equally depends on the diameter of the supply pipe; it is payable after the water connection has been established, in addition to the installation fee:
    • DN 25 mm: EUR 1,000.58
    • DN 40 mm: EUR 1,000.58
    • DN 50 mm: EUR 2,429.98
    • DN 80 mm: EUR 7,147.00
    • DN 100 mm: EUR 11,149.32
    • DN 150 mm: EUR 25,157.44

Billing and payment (German)
For any questions regarding payment, please contact Municipal Department 6 - Accounting Department 9 (German).


Online form: Establishing a water connection (German)

Further information

The location of the water meter depends on the distance between the building wall and the property boundary line. In case the distance is more than ten metres, the applicant must install a water meter immediately behind the boundary line. If the distance is smaller than ten metres, the water meter can be installed in the basement at the main building wall facing the road. Alternatively, it can be installed in a wall niche. The water meter itself is supplied by the City of Vienna and remains its full property. The indoor installation (inside the house) includes all necessary equipment and pipes from and to the water meter, up until the last tap. They may only be installed, altered and maintained by an officially licensed plumber, who must notify Vienna Waterworks of the exact installation works required before commencing the works.

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