The Viennese Database for Disinfectants (WIDES Database)

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The WIDES Database

  • is an industry-independent information system established by the City of Vienna Climate Protection Programme ÖkoKauf Wien,
  • is a user-friendly database that makes it easier for hospitals and other institutions in the health care sector to take into account effectivity, safety and environmental factors when procuring disinfectants and to ensure the safe use of these products;
  • contains information on the established effects of commercially available disinfectants and their ingredients as well as the properties of these products that are of relevance for occupational safety and environmental protection.

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For applications and enquiries, please send an E-Mail to:

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Inclusion of manufacturers in the database

Disinfectant manufacturers wishing to have their products included in the Database are welcome to apply.

WIDES Database for disinfectant manufacturers

Project partners

The WIDES-Database has been developed and is updated by the Vienna Ombuds Office for Environmental Protection (Wiener Umweltanwaltschaft - WUA) within the framework of ÖkoKauf Wien in cooperation with

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