Holdings of the Municipal and Provincial Archives of Vienna

Fishing privilege granted by Maximilian I. (1506)

Fishing privilege granted by Maximilian I. (1506)

The holdings of the City and Province of Vienna are divided in accordance with the principles of archives science into two big groups. Its function as Archives of the City and Province obliges this institution to take care of the records coming from vast spheres of public administration. This is defined under the Vienna Archives Law (Wiener Archivgesetz) of 2000 for the first time by the precise notion of "archives material of the City and Province of Vienna". Also specified is the circle of those institutions having the duty to offer their records or authorized to do that.

The second group comprises a field where one can dispose freely. This concerns collections getting complemented regularly or occasionally. The archives at present keeps files, documents, books, maps, drafts, photographs and microfilms requiring altogether about 35,000 running metres of space. Printed inventories (in German) are available.

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The genesis of what is kept in the Archives of the City and Province of Vienna is connected closely with the history of the city and of this institution. Evidence dating from the Middle Ages shows that it was at first the exclusive duty of the archives to preserve only the most important documents. Besides the registries of public administration, however, historical archives developed little by little. It was only in 1889, though, that the archives became an independent scientific institution forming part of the municipal administration.

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