Activities of the Municipal and Provincial Archives of Vienna

  • Appraising, storing, making accessible and safekeeping of documents from departments and political institutions of the City and Province of Vienna as well as from federal departments and other bodies within the domain of the city
  • Collecting documents on the history of Vienna (for example maps, photographs, reports)
  • Managing the Archives' library (literature on Viennese history and comparative history of towns with about 100,000 volumes)
  • Consulting services for readers/users and locating requested documents: the Archives are frequented by researchers pursuing a variety of different aims. Journalists and politicians readily call upon their services, too. Furthermore the Archives provide essential background material, particularly in cases where legal evidence is required for land registers or the tracing of heirs.
  • Providing indexes to public meetings of the city council and provincial parliament (printed data are available for terms of office from 1978 through to 1996)
  • Collecting and making accessible material on political parties, associations and citizen participation groups, mostly from 1978 onwards
  • Preparing small exhibitions on various aspects of Viennese history
  • Scientific cooperations with associations and institutions on national and international level:
    • Verein für Geschichte der Stadt Wien
    • Österreichischer Arbeitskreis für Stadtgeschichtsforschung
    • Commission internationale pour l'histoire des villes
    • International Council on Archives
  • Maintaining a wiki for Viennese culture and history

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