Wholesale Market Wien

View of the Wholesale Market

Transport Connection of the Wholesale Market

  • Motorway A 2 via Motorway S 1 - Exit Laxenburger Strasse - Grossgrünmarkt direction Zentrum (city centre)
  • Motorway A 23 - Exit Sterngasse

Facilities at the Wholesale Market

map of the wholesale market
Fixed Buildings
  • Type A: Halls with a built-up area of more than 45,000 square metres built by private investors.
  • Type B: 4 market stand areas with 40 stands of 220 square metres each (total of 9,500 square metres) owned by the City of Vienna.
  • Type C: 18 market stand areas with 210 stands of 60 square metres each (total of 12,600 square metres).
    Currently 105 businesses (importers and wholesalers) have long-term lease contracts for such stands.

Flower Hall

Originally, the Flower Hall covered an area of approximately 3,500 square metres. In 1987 it was extended to approximately 6,400 square metres. The hall has a usable space of approximately 3,200 square metres. Currently approximately 100 producers and wholesalers have lease contracts. In all weather conditions, delicate goods can be loaded and unloaded in two separate halls, with a total area of 7,900 square metres, situated on the northern and southern sides. An electronic barrier system, meeting the interests of tradesmen, helps to set separate time periods for tradesmen and private buyers. An environmentally friendly facility, the emergency power system powered by solar energy, has recently come into operation.

Contact directory

The directory lists contact details of businesses at the Wholesale Market Wien. The accuracy or completeness of the information contained is not guaranteed.

Contact directory: 172 KB XLS

Customs Office

There is a building with a customs branch office with a customs clearance ramp.

Administration Building

The administration building houses the market administration (Market Authority for the Wholesale Market Wien) a bank, a newsagent, businesses, shops, offices of retail companies, agencies, transport companies, and shippers.

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