Multilingual storytelling for children

Storytelling is a tradition at the Vienna Public Libraries: Many of the branch libraries organise storytelling sessions for children. They show children in a playful and lively way that reading, listening to and making up stories is fun. The programme for pre-school children has been extended to include multilingual storytelling sessions that take place at the branch libraries with an intercultural focus once a month.

A wealth of languages and cultures

Woman with children reading a book

A committed group of storytellers, who represent the great diversity of mother tongues spoken in Vienna, tell children about foreign cultures and languages. They read or tell stories from their home countries in English, Czech, Turkish, Russian, Persian, Spanish, Italian or Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian during the bilingual storytelling sessions for children between four and eight years of age.

Bilingual storytellers

Beate Wegerer, who organises target group specific events at the Vienna Public Libraries:

We attach great importance to bilingual storytellers who support children with a migration background in enhancing their skills in their mother tongues and, at the same time, present to the German-speaking children the many foreign languages spoken in Vienna. All children from Vienna are welcome at the storytelling sessions!

Reading is fun - and not just for children

There is much more to the multilingual storytelling sessions than just storytelling: Children learn many words in the foreign languages and find out more about cultural differences and similarities in a playful way. The sessions include activities such as drawing, playing, dancing and singing, and the children can enjoy their time together irrespective of their cultural background and mother tongue. It is also a good opportunity to show parents that reading stories benefits their children’s language skills. The multilingual storytelling sessions provide a good example for parents and show them how to create a nice atmosphere for storytelling at home.

Branch libraries with an intercultural focus

Multilingual storytelling sessions are held at the following branch libraries:

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