A paradise for young readers

The children's library for world languages in Vienna's 15th district offers children's books in more than 40 languages.

Poster advertising the children’s library for world languages

At first glance, it looks like any other library, a little bit more modern maybe, but there are no hints that this is a really special place: the children's library for world languages or Kinderbücherei der Weltsprachen is a library geared to the interests of children and young people.

The sign above the entrance showing that this is a "Städtische Bücherei" or public library may look a bit dated but the interior was completely renovated and has been home to a children’s library offering more than 9,000 items. Young readers can browse through books in 40 languages here.

A unique library

In cooperation with the nonprofit organisation Who I Am, the branch library in the Meiselmarkt neighbourhood in Vienna's 15th district was turned into a children's library offering books and events in German and many other languages.

The languages offered do not only include the languages traditionally taught in Vienna's schools but also many of the other languages spoken in the city such as Arabic, Chinese, Dari, Farsi, Kurdish, Pashto, and Turkish. Some of the foreign language items cannot yet be researched in the catalogue but can still be borrowed from the library. So why don’t you just come around and have a look for yourself? The children's library for world languages is well worth a visit.

Programme and activities

The programme includes several German and foreign language readings and workshops for children. It also comprises Kirangolini story time for the youngest bookworms. Pupils and students can avail of the study time "Let's talk English" if they need some extra tuition in this language.

By giving them access to written texts in their mother tongues, the children's library for world languages fulfils one of the most important educational needs of children and young people. The offerings of the branch library are primarily geared towards children and their parents or young people.

Teachers can also avail of the library to find new ideas for their work. Groups of children from kindergartens and schools are welcome to visit the library from Monday to Friday in the mornings. Adults can use the library to return and reserve books and other items.

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