Emptying of oil, petrol and grease separators - order

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General information

Wien Kanal offers the following services:

  • Emptying of petrol and oil separators at petrol stations and garages
  • Emptying of grease separators in the restaurant and hotel industry, kitchens and food processing facilities

Data protection

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The services are carried out by appointment with the relevant district office of Wien Kanal. Long-term contracts with fixed times for regular emptying are possible.


Wien Kanal (German)
District offices (German)

Information on costs and billing:
Monday to Friday 7.30 am to 3.30 pm
Phone: +43 1 4000-8030

Documents required



You will be billed based on the volume removed plus the disposal cost. You will be sent a payment slip. Payment must be made to the appropriate accounting department of Municipal Department 6.

Separators may only be emptied by the Vienna City Administration or authorised businesses. Proof of disposal of the contents is required.

For any questions regarding payment, please contact the competent accounting department (Buchhaltungsabteilung 40) (German) of Municipal Department 6.


Order form for the emptying of separators (German)

Further information

  • Separators for light liquids (petrol and oil separators) must be selected, installed, operated and maintained in compliance with ÖNORM EN 858-2.
  • Grease separators must be selected, installed, operated and maintained in compliance with ÖNORM EN 1825-2.
  • Separators must be emptied, cleaned and maintained in a timely manner and they must be inspected regularly to ensure that they remain in good working order.
  • Maintenance books must be kept detailing the time and type of cleaning and maintenance work, which also show how the contents were disposed of.
  • The dissolution of grease by means of fat-dissolving cleaners or enzymes is prohibited.
  • The emptying of separators must comply with Art. 3a Sewer Cleaning and Sewer Fee Act (Kanalräumungs- und Kanalgebührengesetz).
  • Unless otherwise agreed with Wien Kanal, grease separators must be cleaned at least every four weeks. Petrol and oil separators must be completely emptied and cleaned when the sludge level reaches 50 percent of the normal fluid level or when 80 percent of the maximum oil layer thickness is reached.
  • After emptying, the separators must be refilled with fresh water.
  • The waste and any other retained materials may not be discharged into the public sewers in this or any other location. Proof of professional disposal is required.
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