Cemeteries in Vienna

Vienna's cemeteries are the final resting place of millions of deceased Viennese. At the same time, they bear witness to changes and developments in the local society and history of the past centuries.


Many people also appreciate the special atmosphere that makes every cemetery an island of serenity and silence, which allows visitors to get closely in touch with nature. In addition to graves of honour and the tombs of famous individuals, the cemeteries feature a number of architectural gems, such as the church of Saint Charles Borromeo - an outstanding work of Art Nouveau architecture on Vienna's Central Cemetery.

46 of Vienna's 55 cemeteries are operated by Friedhöfe Wien GmbH. The other cemeteries serve as burial grounds for the members of specific religious communities; they are managed by the Catholic Church, the Protestant Church, the Jewish Community and the Islamic Community respectively.

Cemeteries in the Vienna City Map

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