The Stone Halls (Steinsäle) and the Nordbuffet

The Stone Halls

The Stone Hall I (Steinsaal I) is mainly used for marriage ceremonies and press conferences. A tapestry depicting the reconstruction of the city after 1945, the coat-of-arms of Vienna and a painting (View of Vienna, 1890) create an atmospheric setting for these events.

The Stone Hall II (Steinsaal II) is adjacent to the Great Coat of Arms Hall and often provides an impressive setting for marriages.

The Nordbuffet

Smaller rooms - the Nordbuffet and Südbuffet - adjoin the Festival Hall to the north and south. Originally conceived as salons for celebrations of the nobility, they were later transformed to house chamber music performances and buffets. Today the Nordbuffet is used as a conference venue. Silk damask tapestries, splendid cut-glass chandeliers and the ornately carved, gilt ceiling made of such expensive woods as Brazilian rosewood and mahogany endow this room with a special atmosphere. The Südbuffet contains the office of the Mayor.

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