Inside the Vienna City Hall

The Arkadenhof

Arkadenhof (Photo: Media Wien) Arkadenhof (Photo: Media Wien) Arkadenhof (Photo: Media Wien)

With a surface of 2,804 square metres, the Arkadenhof is one of the biggest inner courtyards in Europe and comparable to the courtyard of the Doge's Palace in Venice. A choir-type oriel along its western wall is a reminder of the original project to build a chapel in the City Hall. Below this oriel, Friedrich Schmidt's craftsman's emblem is a memento to the architect of the building. Lined by five-metre-wide, pointed-arch arcades, the courtyard offers a fascinating setting for a wide variety of events. A folding roof designed by the architect Silja Tillner is a new addition to protect visitors against wind and rain.

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Inside the Vienna City Hall

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