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Explanatory video aspern Seestadt

Home is where our story begins.

What kind of place do we want for ourselves?

Where would we like to live?

Meet Sarah and Richard and their daughter Sophie.
For them, spending time outside is an important part of feeling at home.

They want lots of public space and green areas in their neighbourhood.
They also appreciate short distances and good neighbourly relations.

Could there be as many trees as apartments in a city?
As much open space as buildings?

Getting around should be easy:
With different types of bikes to rent. With cars which do not get in the way.

And the best means of transport available, depending on your needs.

Sarah would want a convenient connection to the city centre,
just like her friend Louisa, who is looking to relocate her business.

Being out and about without the stresses of daily life
- could that be possible for everybody?

All you need for everyday life should be available within a 5 minute radius:
A neighbourhood which actively provides a good mix of shops and services

from bookshops to grocery stores, from bike repair shops to a chemist’s;
in streets and squares where people of all ages feel comfortable.

But where could you find such a neighbourhood?

Sarah and Richard have recently discovered aspern Seestadt.
Many details make everyday life convenient and pleasant there.

The buildings are modern and energy-efficient; you can relax and play in public spaces and even engage in urban gardening. And housing is affordable.

aspern Seestadt is a compact neighbourhood, everything can be found nearby. The easiest way to get around is on foot or by bike.

This leaves more public space for everyone.

200 subway departures per day connect Seestadt to the city centre. Neighbourhood parking garages provide reliable parking spots.

The concept focusses on people and their needs
– such as housing, studying, recreation.

And as a result, businesses benefit as well.

A part of the area has been developed and aspern Seestadt is growing
– bit by bit.

There are new features to come

  just like Sarah, Richard and Sophie imagined
– so everyone can live life to the fullest there!

aspern Seestadt

aspern Seestadt is one of Europe's largest urban development projects. Here in Vienna's fast-growing 22nd district in the north-east of the city, a new urban centre is taking shape – a smart city with a heart, designed to accommodate the whole spectrum of life. A multi-phase development through to 2028 will see the creation of high-quality housing for over 20,000 people and, eventually, an equal number of workplaces. Built on a foundation of innovative concepts and forward-looking ideas, this city-within-a-city combines high quality of life with economic drive and offers something for everyone.

Diverse, open and planned for the future, with excellent transport links - aspern Seestadt is a business hub of international calibre and a living environment with a high feel-good factor. As a top location at the heart of Europe, Seestadt is a smart, safe investment for investors, entrepreneurs, and companies looking to relocate. At the same time, home-hunters appreciate the perfect combination of urban flair and laid-back pace. Discover the vibrant diversity of aspern Seestadt.

Länge: 2 Min. 30 Sek.
Produktionsdatum: 2019
Copyright: Municipal Department 18 - Urban Development and Planning

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