City of Vienna Database for Disinfectants

Use and liability

This dataset may be used for purposes of infection protection, labour protection and environmental protection as well as to acquire information on hazards posed by chemical substances. The commercial use of the data in any form whatsoever as well as the incorporation of the data, in whole or in part, in other information systems is not permitted. The substance and product information contained in this dataset constitutes excerpts from published manufacturers’ specifications and scientific studies. These excerpts have not been checked for correctness within the framework of the project; hence, no liability is assumed for its correctness. The specifications regarding the efficiency spectrum of disinfectants are in line with the data given in the lists of expert opinions by ÖGHMP, VAH, RKI and DVG.

The data contained in the WIDES Database have been compiled and maintained with care. Nevertheless, no liability, on any legal grounds whatsoever, will be assumed for said data. The WIDES database is revised and updated at regular intervals.

Latest update: 11/20/2023

The assessments given in the database do not provide an evaluation of the individual risks in absolute terms, but rather provide a basis for a comparison of substances and products designed for identical applications.

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