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The "Vienna History Wiki" was built up by the Municipal and Provincial Archives of Vienna (MA8) and the Vienna City Library (MA 9). It was opened to the public in 2014. It is a geo-referenced, historical knowledge platform of the City of Vienna aiming at combining knowledge from the city administration with those of external experts.

Cornerstone of the wiki are more than 27,000 articles (31,000 entries) of the six-volume encyclopedia „Historisches Lexikon Wien“ edited by Felix Czeike (2nd edition 2004).

The wiki was implemented by KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research using the open source software Semantic MediaWiki and ist hosted by Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for the City (MA 14).

Linking to the Vienna History Wiki

In case you want to link to the Vienna History Wiki from your databases, we provide "BEACON" files. For more information, see

Static File with all Persons having GND numbers as of 2018-02-23
dynamically generated file showing all entries with GND that have changed since then
dynamically generated file showing all current entries. BEWARE: call of this page will take some time!

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