Online order for bus access permits for "Advent 2018"

traffic sign access restriction for buses (Image: Municipal Departments 46)

The City of Vienna sets up a temporary access restriction for buses to Vienna's inner city districts 1 and 6 to 9 on 1 December as well as 8, 15 and 22 December 2018 for the Christmas time event "Advent 2018". Only a limited number of buses with a bus access permit is allowed to enter this zone on each day of the event. In order to prevent traffic congestion, only a limited number of buses coming to the event is allowed to enter this zone on each day.

Please note: During the Christmas time event "Advent 2018" there will be a free bus parking zone at Ernst Happel stadium, directly next to the U2 subway stop "Stadion". Buses do not need a bus access permit for this parking zone.
Please note: There is no access to the Schwedenplatz area for buses without a bus access permit. The Christmas markets in the city centre can easily and directly be reached by subways U1 and U2 from the drop-off and pick-up zones at Praterstern: 2 MB PDF

Order your bus access permit online

If you are coming to Vienna for the event and want to enter the restricted zone, please order your bus access permit for the day in question ahead of time. The total costs of 44,37 euro consist of an administrative fee of 30,07 euro for each ticket plus a federal fee of 14.30 euro that is charged once for each order.

The bus access permit must be ordered online. After your credit card payment (Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club) has been completed, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. To complete the order, you must notify us of the registration numbers of the vehicle or vehicles you want to use (one vehicle per permit) in good time, i.e. no later than one week before the validity date. This notification is done online, the link will be sent to you with the confirmation of your order! You can order a bus access permit online until two (2) days before your arrival. You must also notify us of the registration number of your vehicle!

Once you have entered a registration number, you cannot change the vehicle for which the permit is valid!

Once you have entered the registration number(s), you will receive a PDF document with the permit via e-mail. Please print the PDF and attach the bus access permit in a clearly visible position on the inside of your windshield. The permit allows you to enter the restricted zone and to use the special pick-up and drop-off zones on the day and in the time slot indicated on the permit as well as the free parking areas outside the restricted zone. You will receive information on the pick-up and drop-off zones and on parking when you order your bus access permit online.

Order access permits for buses

Dropping off and picking up passengers (time slots)

If you want to pick up your passengers after 3.30 pm please indicate the time slot in which you want to pick them up from one of the dedicated pick-up spots when ordering your bus access permit:

  • Time slot 1: 3.30 pm to 5 pm
  • Time slot 2: 5 pm to 6.30 pm
  • Time slot 3: after 6.30 pm

Accessing the restricted zone for other reasons

If you are not coming to the event but want to drive into the inner city for other reasons (e.g. to get to a hotel), please consult the Vienna Bus Drivers' Guide for helpful information and advice. Please note the alternative parking possibilities: 1 MB PDF

Free bus parking zones at Ernst Happel stadium


Buses can reach the free bus parking zones at Ernst Happel stadium/Pierre-de-Coubertin-Platz from the nearby highways A4, A22 and A23. The bus parking zone is located directly next to the U2 subway stop "Stadion". The passengers of your bus can easily, directly and quickly get to the Christmas markets in Vienna's city centre by subway. They can buy the tickets online at the online shop of Vienna Public Transport (Wiener Linien) where they can pay with their credit cards or they can buy the tickets directly from Vienna Public Transport (Wiener Linien) at the subway stop "Stadion".

For Saturdays in Advent, reduced fare travelcards ("Besuchernetzkarten") are available for EUR 5.10 (adults) or 2.60 (children) per day. Please note that this special ticket can only be purchased at the Vienna Public Transport online shop.


The passengers of your bus can easily get back to the free parking zone at Ernst Happel stadium/Pierre-de-Coubertin-Platz by subway. Buses can leave the free bus parking zone at any time, avoid traffic jams and easily get on the highways A4, A22 and A23.

Map of the bus parking zone at Ernst Happel stadium/Pierre-de-Coubertin-Platz/Stadioncenter: 2 MB PDF

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