The City of Vienna Geographical Information System (ViennaGIS)

Terms of Use - Vienna Geographical Information System (ViennaGIS)

The use of data provided by the geographical information system WWW-GIS is subject to the following Terms of Use:

  1. The data may be copied solely for personal use and according to the individual service user's current authorisation level. Service users are not permitted to use the data for any other purposes. They shall not make available the data or any part thereof to third parties, regardless of whether this is done free of charge. However, service users may include the data in their own website.

    The provision of data to third parties is only permissible under a separate agreement with the City of Vienna.

  2. The above provision does not apply to data licensable and copyrighted by others than the City of Vienna. Data of this kind shall not be made available to third parties under any conditions.

  3. Service users shall take all possible measures to support the protection of the City of Vienna's copyright and prevent any unauthorised use of data by third parties. These measures must at least consist in indicating the origin of the data and displaying the copyright information together with the data published.

  4. Though the data provided is correct and accurate to the best knowledge and belief of the provider, the City of Vienna does not warrant the complete correctness and/or accuracy of the data, and shall not accept any responsibility or liability for losses of any nature resulting from the use of this data.

  5. Service users shall make the present Terms of Use known to their agents and auxiliaries.

Desclaimer of Liability for Data Made Available Free of Charge

The data made available free of charge by the "Wien Grafik" web service are supplied by the City of Vienna's GIS database.

The data and information are published voluntarily and free of charge. Their publication implies no obligations whatsoever on the part of the City of Vienna, the other partners providing information, or the copyright holders involved.

The service provider does not warrant the completeness and/or correctness of the information and contents, and shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages resulting from the use of the information provided.

Further the service provider does not warrant the availability, operation, and full functionality of the online system.


The City of Vienna and the information providers and copyright holders involved in the publication of the data reserve all copyrights and exploitation rights to all parts of the information, data presentation, search system and relating documentation underlying intellectual property rights.

The City of Vienna Geographical Information System (ViennaGIS)

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