Energy planning

Municipal Department 20 - Energy Planning (German)

Municipal Department 20 - Energy Planning (MA 20) is responsible for the following tasks in accordance with the Allocation of Competencies of the Vienna City Administration:

  • Coordination and further development of energy concepts
  • Controlling of objectives of existing energy policies and concepts, and drawing up of recommendations and measures
  • Administering the Fund of the Province of Vienna for the promotion of green electricity and drawing up the relevant funding guidelines
  • Cooperating in the development and allocation of energy funding
  • Energy assessment of projects in the framework of administrative procedures
  • Developing pilot projects to promote new energy technologies
  • Cooperating in projects to raise awareness on increasing energy efficiency (energy saving advice)

Energy Report

The Energy Report is an invitation to people to look at the situation of energy and the associated climate protection issues in Vienna.

Energy Report of the City of Vienna 2016

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