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Donau City

View of the Donau City (Photo: MD 21B) Model of the Donau City after the completion (Photo: MD 21B) Location of the Donau City (Photo: Wiener Entwicklungsgesellschaft für den Donauraum)

Thanks to its perfect location on Vienna's major urban development axis, the Donau City complex is an entirely new part of Vienna, both modern and multi-functional.

The project was implemented in three major stages within 12 years. In developing the project master plan, Viennese architects Krischanitz and Neumann concentrated on preserving the functional integrity of the growing city, its consistent urban character and spatial design. Their concept is remarkable for its three utilisation levels: level 0 for pedestrians and cyclists; level -1, the media level, for technical infrastructure; and an underground level, termed level -2, which comprises access streets and car parks.

A third of the total usable floor space is reserved for offices and commercial space, mostly in the twin high-rise buildings by architects Peichl and Isozaki, but also in architect Holzbauer's Andromeda Tower. Residential space prevails in the buildings along Donaupark and down to the banks of the New Danube; altogether, there are some 1,500 dwellings. A Kindergarten, a primary school (by architect Hollein) and a small centre for local shops have been integrated into this part of the complex. Apart from convenient traffic links and transport connections, the main assets of Donau City include direct access to the nearby recreational areas and a beautiful view across the Danube.

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© Photos: MA 21B, Wiener Entwicklungsgesellschaft für den Donauraum

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