New trams for Vienna

Rendering of the new FLEXITY tram in front of the Vienna City Hall

From 2018, all-new tramway trains will gradually replace the last non-low floor trams still in service in Vienna.

Production of the new FLEXITY trams started this year. By 2026, up to 156 of the new models will be manufactured at the Bombardier facility in Vienna’s 22nd district. According to Vienna’s public transport operator Wiener Linien, the exact number of trains will depend on network enlargements and a possible shortening of intervals.

Bombardier CEO Christian Diewald, Vienna’s Executive City Councillor Ulli Sima and Wiener Linien CEO Günter Steinbauer (from left)

Bombardier CEO Christian Diewald, Vienna’s Executive City Councillor Ulli Sima and Wiener Linien CEO Günter Steinbauer (from left)

Executive City Councillor Ulli Sima, who is in charge of public transport in the Vienna City Government, has welcomed the modernisation as a major step towards barrier-free public transport.

Eco-friendly, comfortable and modern

Each of the new trams is 34 metres long and accommodates 211 passengers. Their interior was designed to allow for more openness and light; larger multi-purpose areas provide ample room for prams and wheelchairs.

Inside the FLEXITY tram

Environmental compatibility is ensured by low energy consumption, full LED lighting and a sustainable recycling concept. At the end of their lifespan of several decades, all components of the new trams can be recycled simply and ecologically.

Of course the new trams will be fully air conditioned, equipped with CCTV and with improved passenger information systems. Several screens inside each train provide information on upcoming stops, departure times and changing to other lines in the network. The driver’s cabin is in fact a modern, fully digital cockpit controlled via several touchscreens and prepared for the installation of a driver’s assistance system.

FLEXITY fulfils all criteria for barrier-free transport

The public tendering process launched in 2013 contained a set of clear criteria on barrier-free design. With an entrance height of only 21.5 centimetres above the roadway, FLEXITY is the ideal supplement to Vienna’s public transport fleet, which has the lowest entrance height in the world. The number of designated wheelchair spaces per train has been increased from one to two, and passengers of limited mobility can use their mobile phone to signal that they want to board or alight from the vehicle.

The world’s most popular tram

The eco-friendly and energy efficient FLEXITY trams gave become popular around the world. Major cities like Berlin, Marseille, Linz, Innsbruck or Alicante are equally using das FLEXITY models manufactured by Bombardier. The model used in Vienna was tailored to the local situation.

Maintenance contract guarantees high availability

When purchasing the new trams, Wiener Linien have equally concluded a maintenance contract with the manufacturer, Bombardier, though maintenance work is carried out in-house by Wiener Linien. The manufacturing firm therefore bears the risk of long-term maintenance, which makes the total costs of the vehicles easier to project. Bombardier guarantees a very high availability of the new tram in daily operation.

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