Parking management in Vienna expanded

As of January 2013, the parking management system in Vienna was expanded to include further parts of the 14th, 16th and 17th districts. Applications for resident parking permits ("parking stickers") can be made online or directly from the municipal district office.

Map of Vienna with parking management zones

Several new zones (blue shaded) are added to the existing zones (blue).

In general, everyone who has their main residence in one of the districts concerned (14, 16 and 17) may purchase a "parking sticker" for their respective district. Exceptions apply to the zone around Stadthalle, a very popular event venue. All applicants are given detailed information on where the parking sticker entitles them to park their car.

Restricted parking times

In the new zones, short-term parking restrictions apply Monday to Friday on workdays from 9 am to 7 pm. There are no restrictions on parking at weekends and on public holidays.


Residents obtaining a resident parking permit (parking sticker) are required to pay an annual charge plus administrative fees:

Parking management zones in the city map

Applying for a parking sticker

You can order a resident parking permit (parking stickers) online or directly from the municipal district office for your district. Businesses and employees working in a parking management zone can apply for exceptions. All provisions for business owners and employees that have been agreed with the Vienna Chamber of Commerce remain intact.

People who have an allotment garden ("Kleingarten") in a parking management zone can apply for a "seasonal parking sticker" that is valid for eight months, even if they do not have their primary residence in this district.

Revenues earmarked

All revenues from parking management are earmarked, i.e. 100 percent of the fees and charges paid, are set aside for the Vienna traffic and transport system and thus benefit everyone in Vienna. In the past years, the construction of all municipal neighbourhood parking garages ("Wohnsammelgaragen") has been financed from parking management revenues. The funds have also been used to purchase new underground trains, and go into measures that enhance traffic safety in particularly accident-prone locations in Vienna.

Zones of validity and entitlement zones

From the residents' point of view, there are two different zones in every district:

  • The entitlement zone ("Berechtigungszone")
    • This is the where you need to have your primary residence so you can purchase a resident parking permit (parking sticker). Generally, residents of the entire district are entitled to obtain a parking sticker, i.e. even if they live in a part of the district that is not subject to parking restrictions. The entitlement zone itself invariably includes the short-term parking zones but may also extend to nearby areas without short-term parking.
  • The validity area ("Geltungsbereich")
    • This is the area of the short-term parking zones in a given district where the parking sticker is valid, i.e. where you may park your car for an unlimited period of time after you have purchased a parking sticker for this district. To avoid any disadvantages for those living near the district boundary, the validity area is not restricted to your own district of residence as such, but includes the adjoining roads in one or several neighbouring districts (overlap areas).

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