Redevelopment plans "walking and cycling in Vienna in 2017"

Rendering of the redevelopment of Getreidemarkt

Redevelopment of the Getreidemarkt area

The aim for 2017 is to close gaps in Vienna’s cycle path network and to make cycling in the city safer and more attractive. One of the highlights of the programme is the redevelopment of the Getreidemarkt area. It will include new cycle paths as well as new traffic lights for pedestrians to massively increase the safety of pedestrians in this heavily frequented area. New trees will be planted and the road surface will be renewed to improve the situation for cars. The projects are the start of a comprehensive redevelopment programme that will be implemented in 2017. Other projects are in the planning stages.

Deputy Mayor Maria Vassilakou presented the plans: "For an increasing number of Viennese, cycling has become an integral part of their everyday lives. More and more people switch to this environmentally-friendly mode of transport and cycle to work or in their leisure time and run errands on their bikes. The City Administration builds the necessary cycle paths to make cycling safer and more attractive."


Flötzersteig, districts 14 and 16

Flötzersteig is one of the most important transport links between the suburbs in the west of Vienna and the 16th district towards the city centre. The construction of a cycle path on Flötzersteig in the 14th and 16th districts between Tinterstraße and Flötzersteigsteg will close a major gap in Vienna’s cycle path network. The safety of pedestrian crossings in this area will also be improved.

  • Construction period: early July to late October 2017
  • Length: 1,575 metres

Getreidemarkt, districts 1 and 6

The new construction of a cycle path in the Getreidemarkt area in the 6th district will close a major gap in Vienna’s cycle path network between Mariahilfer Straße and Lehargasse. It will be a first-class cycle path along one of Vienna’s most frequented routes towards Karlsplatz and will contribute considerably to improving the road safety in the Getreidemarkt area. An additional cycle path will be constructed in the other direction between Gauermanngasse and Babenberger Straße to cater for the large number of cyclists in this area. To improve road safety, new traffic light crossings for pedestrians and a crossing between Lehargasse and Gauermanngasse for cyclists will be installed.

  • Construction period: early July to late August 2017
  • Length: 230 and 130 metres respectively

Arsenalstraße, 3rd district

A pavement will be constructed in Arsenalstraße and a cycle path will be marked off on both sides of the road between Ghegastraße and Hüttenbrennergasse to close another gap in Vienna’s cycle path network and create a direct route between Wiedner Gürtel and Hüttenbrennergasse. It is planned to extend the cycle path to Gräßlplatz.

  • Construction period: June to December 2017
  • Length: approximately 1,000 metres

Schweglerstraße, 15th district

The cycle path in Schweglerstraße from Felberstraße to Märzstraße was constructed in 2016. To close yet another gap in Vienna’s cycle path network and to facilitate cycling in Schweglerstraße in both directions, the cycle path will be extended from Märzstraße to Guntherstraße in 2017. For this purpose, the road as well as the parking rules in Schweglerstraße will be adapted.

  • Construction period: August to December 2017
  • Length: approximately 490 metres

Kuchelauer Hafenstraße, 19th district

A few years ago, Vienna’s first cycle street was built in Kuchelauer Hafenstraße from number two to the railway crossing. The cycle path that already exists from the railway crossing to the border to Lower Austria, which is at the same time the Danube Cycle Path or EuroVelo 6, a high-priority cycle route, will now be turned into a cycle street due to the large number of cyclists and rather heavy car traffic in this area. Cars will be diverted to Heiligenstädter Straße and, in the future, can only access and exit the area here. The new section of the cycle street will be safer and more attractive for cyclists, who will then also be able to cycle side by side. Pavements, parking zones and a road drainage system will be constructed for the new apartment buildings and the vineyards in the area.

  • Construction period: June to October 2017 and March to June 2018
  • Length: approximately 550 metres

Kaisermühlenstraße, 22nd district

A cycle path will be constructed in Kaisermühlenstraße between Mühlwasserstraße and Neuhaufenstraße to close another gap in Vienna’s cycle path network. A 3.50 metre wide pavement and cycle path will be built east of the existing traffic lane and a 145 metre long road drainage system will be installed for the comfort of pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Construction period: summer 2017
  • Length: approximately 400 metres

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