Start Wien - Getting a head start in Vienna

"Start Wien" is an individual support programme to facilitate the timely integration of new migrants. The programme helps them achieve equal rights and live an independent life in Vienna.

A man and a woman are having a conversation while sitting on a so called Enzi in the Museumsquartier

Migrants get comprehensive support for a good start in their new hometown of Vienna.

Learning German quickly, using previous job experience and getting a good education and training, in particular for young people, are some of the most important steps towards successful integration.

"Start Wien" reflects the positive attitude of the City of Vienna and gives a warm welcome to new migrants. The programme forms the basis for a positive identification with Vienna and the Austrian society.

The "Start Wien" programme is held in the mother tongues of the new migrants.

Start Wien information modules for refugees


The "Start Wien" project has been implemented by Municipal Department 17 – Integration and Diversity (MA 17) in cooperation with Municipal Department 35 - Immigration and Citizenship (MA 35), the Vienna Social Welfare Fund (FSW), the Vienna Employment Promotion Fund, the Information Centre for Migrants, the Vienna Public Employment Services (AMS, the Vienna Business Agency, the Vienna Chamber of Labour, and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.


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