Multilingualism in Vienna - Are you interested in becoming a multilingual reading mentor?

Municipal Department 17 - Integration and Diversity (MA 17) continuously looks for voluntary multilingual reading mentors who enjoy reading to children in Vienna's schools in their mother tongues.

Multilingual ballons

Reading mentors work in Vienna's schools on a regular basis. They support children in learning to read German (better). Municipal Department 17 now also looks for multilingual reading mentors for children who have a mother tongue other than German. MA 17 works closely with the Vienna School Board and Vienna Public Libraries in implementing this project.


  • You have time to read stories, children's books and nursery rhymes with children in their mother tongues on a regular basis (about an hour per week).
  • You can speak and read German and your mother tongue fluently.
  • You are skilled and experienced in working with children in a respectful atmosphere.
  • You love children, reading and books.

Supported by MA 17

  • Introductory course (mandatory)
  • Support in choosing and getting hold of books
  • Locations: kindergartens, primary schools, after school care clubs
  • Support, further training and exchange of experiences on a regular basis

Project goals

  • Enhancing language skills: Speaking several languages enriches your life in many ways. The City of Vienna therefore wants to promote the many foreign languages spoken by families at home. The reading mentor project helps enhance language skills in the children's or their parents' mother tongues. It helps young Viennese speak two or more languages easily and naturally.
  • Job skills: If you speak two or more languages you have better opportunities on the labour market. The project can therefore have a positive influence on the children's job prospects.
  • Good for society and business: Multilingualism is an enriching experience for everyone but it is also a great asset for Vienna as a business location. The reading mentor project should therefore motivate children to read books and spark their interest in their mother tongues.


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