"It takes a Grätzel to raise a child" - funding of small integration projects

In 2019, Municipal Department 17 – Integration and Diversity (MA 17) invites associations and non-profit organisations to develop and submit projects regarding the topic "It takes a Grätzel to raise a child" that promote education in the Bildungsgrätzl neighbourhoods. In this context, the City of Vienna supports small projects with a maximum amount of EUR 5,000 per year.

The concept of "Bildungsgrätzl"

Logo and slogan "Bildungsgrätzl"

Every family in Vienna lives in the immediate vicinity of kindergartens, schools and out-of-school facilities such as music schools, libraries, youth centres and public learning centres (VHS). This means that there are several educational institutions in every neighbourhood – in every Grätzel - in Vienna. The aim of the Bildungsgrätzl project is to make these institutions more accessible and strengthen the cooperation between them. The Bildungsgrätzl project should increase the benefits of educational work in every neighbourhood and have a positive effect on the neighbourly relations in every Grätzel.

Content and topics

The integration projects, which are submitted for funding, should focus on young learners.

Learning and education should be seen in a broad and open context so that all potentials and aspects of development can be considered in the project submission. Possible topics are basic skills, multilingualism, empowerment, participation and gender roles (focusing on working with boys).

Projects that promote social justice are particularly welcome. The projects should meet the needs in the neighbourhood. They should aim to make the openness and networking of institutions and organisations in the neighbourhood visible and should strengthen the cooperation between them.

Entry rules

The projects must meet the following requirements:

  • The projects must be developed and implemented in cooperation with at least one kindergarten or school.
  • They must have a clear reference to the neighbourhood. This means that at least two organisations in the neighbourhood should be included in the implementation of the project.
    • An association that already offers regular services in the neighbourhood develops a new project in cooperation with a school or kindergarten.
    • If the association is active in the whole city and not just in one neighbourhood, it must cooperate with at least two institutions from the neighbourhood. A school or kindergarten must always form part of the project.
  • The projects must be new! We are not looking for new features of existing projects.
  • They must be sustainable. This means that the projects must have the potential to benefit the people, neighbourhood and educational opportunities also after the funding period.

Deadlines and funding decisions

Funding decisions are taken three times a year. You can therefore submit your projects at four different times throughout the year (deadlines: 15 December 2018, 15 March 2019, 15 June 2019 and 15 August 2019).

MA 17 examines whether the projects meet the entry rules. An advisory board then decides which projects can be funded.

You will usually get an answer within six weeks of the above-mentioned submission deadlines.

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