April 2018 - Intercultural calendar

The list provides an overview of the most important holidays of the largest religious and ethnic groups in Vienna as well as public holidays in April.


21 April: holiday on occasion of the Ridván festival
The Ridvan Festival commemorates the anniversary of the garden sojourn where Bahá'u'lláh declared his mission in the Garden of "Ridván" (paradise) before his banishment to Istanbul (then called Constantinople) in 1863. The holidays of the Ridván are celebrated by the Bahá'i communities around the world with prayers and in a spiritual atmosphere. According to the holy script no work is done on these days.


1 April: Easter Sunday (Catholic, Protestant, public holiday)
The most holy of Christian sacred days. The day commemorates the resurrection of Jesus and the victory of life over death. Customs: Easter fire, Easter bunny or Easter eggs.
1 April: Palm Sunday (orthodox)
2 April: Easter Monday (Catholic, Protestant, public holiday)
6 April: Good Friday (orthodox)
7 April: Holy Saturday
A mass without bells or organ music is celebrated on this day of silence.
8 April: Easter Sunday (orthodox)
9 April: Easter Monday (orthodox)
23 April: St. George's Day
St. George's Day is celebrated to honour St. George, a Christian martyr. See also 6 May.


11 April: Holocaust Remembrance Day
Yom HaShoah has been established to remember the Holocaust and the six million Jews who perished. Remembrance candles are lit and services are held on this day.

Sikhism and Hinduism

14 April: Vaisakhi
For Sikhs Vaisakhi is the most important feast of the year and the anniversary of the founding day of the Khalsa. The day remembers the tenth Guru Gobind Singh who founded the Khalsa in 1699. People wear new clothes and give each other presents on Vaisakhi. Nishan Sahib is the name given to the flag outside every temple. It is a triangular piece of saffron coloured cloth with the Khanda emblem in the middle. The flag post also has a Khanda on top and is covered with a new cloth on Vaisakhi.
In Hinduism Vaisakhi is a thanksgiving festival.
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