Ten years of Integration and Diversity Monitoring in the City of Vienna

Monitoring the level of integration and diversity

Cover of the Integration and Diversity Monitor

Integration monitoring allows for a continuous observation of all areas where integration takes place and can be measured such as education, participation in the labour market, income levels, and housing supply. Based on selected indicators, it describes the social status quo of Vienna's population from the perspective of integration policies and, by providing guidance, also serves as a foundation for strategic developments in the policies and organisation of City of Vienna.

Diversity monitoring analyses where the City of Vienna stands in the implementation of its approach to diversity management. In line with the policy objectives defined and the need for action in society that results from integration monitoring, it assesses the achievements of the administration in adapting its services and personnel development and the requirements for future developments.

High-level reporting

The Integration and Diversity Monitor is a type of compass for the city, which shows Vienna's current position with regard to integration and diversity and the development of the past few years. The Monitor draws attention to the challenges posed to Vienna's integration and diversity policies.

The special features of integration and diversity monitoring in Vienna are that the city puts the focus on itself, on politics and administration (Diversity Monitor) and carries out a critical self-analysis. It also collects and analyses administrative data to measure the degree of equality and integration of migrants and the host society as well as participation and access to social positions, goods and services (Integration Monitor).

The results provide an insight into the eight main topics of integration and diversity and reflect the diversity status of more than 40 municipal departments and their affiliated organisations. The 3rd Monitor, which was published in 2014, included the first survey of City Administration staff with regard to their ethnic background, gender, and qualification grades.

4th Monitor

The City of Vienna presented the 4th Integration and Diversity Monitor in November 2017 and looked back on ten years of monitoring.


  • 2017
    • 4th Vienna Integration and Diversity Monitor 2013 until 2016: 3 MB PDF (German)
  • 2014
    • 3rd Vienna Integration and Diversity Monitor 2011 until 2013: 5 MB PDF (German)
    • 3rd Vienna Integration and Diversity Monitor 2011 until 2013 - short version: 800 KB PDF (English/German)
    • Press information - 3rd Vienna Integration and Diversity Monitor 2011 until 2013: 2 MB PDF (German)
  • 2012
    • 2nd Vienna Integration and Diversity Monitor 2009 until 2011: 11 MB PDF (German)
    • 2nd Integration and Diversity Monitor of the City of Vienna 2009-2011 - short version: 2 MB PDF (German)
    • 2nd Integration and Diversity Monitor of the City of Vienna 2009-2011 - short version: 2 MB PDF (English)
  • 2010
    • 1st Vienna Integration and Diversity Monitor: 3 MB PDF (German)
    • Summary: 1 MB PDF (English/German)


In 2010, Vienna's Integration and Diversity Monitoring received an Austrian Administration Award in the category "Management of Diversity, Integration and Gender Potential for the Administration of the Future".

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