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In the forum wien.welt.offen, renowned persons from business, research and society support the city in dealing with the tasks created by global mobility and globalisation.

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The forum creates new relations between politics, business and society. Expert conferences bring new know-how, international experiences and new perspective into the work of the forum.

Public dialogue events provide experts and anyone who is interested in the topics with the opportunity to participate in answering central questions for Vienna.

Expert conference at forum wien.welt.offen

2015: Cosmopolitan Vienna 2030

Vienna has been undergoing a dynamic and intensive development process that creates new opportunities and challenges for the economy and society. Politics and administration in Vienna need to address this process with a great amount of sensibility, foresight, timely reactions and creative drive.

The expert conference "Weltoffenes Wien 2030" (Cosmopolitan Vienna 2030) took stock of the developments and areas of conflict and activity. It asked how policies and public services could be adapted and streamlined.

As a follow-up to the discussions and results of the conference of February 2015 the following topics were discussed at a conference in April 2015:

  • Which of today's policies and public services in the area of integration and diversity can remain the same even against the backdrop of a growing city, increasing mobility and stronger competition?
  • Which areas need to be adapted or updated?
  • Which areas need new strategies and policies?

2016: Early childhood education in the immigration society

About 50 percent of the Viennese and more than 60 percent of children of preschool age have an international background. The Viennese society is increasingly diverse and includes many different languages, traditions, worldviews and religions.

How can and should this diversity be reflected in early childhood education? Which role does the cultural, ideological and religious diversity play in this context? How can the city support the work with parents and families and how can it help make kindergartens places of social exchange? These and other questions were discussed at the expert conference in September 2016.

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