The Vienna Charter for refugees

Charter talks for refugees are held at the CORE Zentrum on a regular basis.

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The Vienna Charter talks for refugees aim at helping you understand what the Viennese consider essential for good neighbourly relations and which rules are particularly important.

The contents of the Vienna Charter were drawn up in the framework of a citizen participation project. The basic document includes information about democracy and rule of law, human and basic rights as well as women's and children's rights, i.e. all the important values that are shared by all the people who live in Vienna. All these topics are discussed in the Vienna Charter talks.


The Charter talks are offered for adults as well as for young people and are chaired by moderators who speak Arabic, Farsi/Dari, Pashto or English. The participants receive a copy of the basic document that outlines all the important issues about life in Vienna in German and in one of the other available languages.

Downloads - The Vienna Charter

  • The Vienna Charter - Text and basic document: 2 MB PDF (Arabic)
  • The Vienna Charter - Text and basic document: 1 MB PDF (Farsi)

Event details

Upon prior agreement, Charter talks can also be held at other facilities such as refugee homes or parishes. If you are interested please contact Mr Ramesh Badami, phone: 01 4000-10925, e-mail:

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