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Vienna's distinction as a place for scientific research and innovation goes back many centuries, it is one of the oldest university cities in Europe. Today, with 190,000 students, Vienna is the biggest university city in the German-speaking countries - with more students than Berlin or Munich. Around a quarter of the city’s enrolled students come from abroad.
The research landscape is shaped by nine universities, five technical colleges, as well as almost 1,500 research institutions. Working in Vienna means finding a creative and stimulating environment. Living in Vienna also means living in a city that is regularly rated as having the best quality of life.

New R&D strategy – "Innovative Vienna 2020"

Vienna is not only a city of culture, but also a city of knowledge. The Innovative Vienna 2020 strategy makes a major contribution in this context. For a city such as Vienna, innovation is a key factor when it comes to safeguarding and expanding employment opportunities and the high quality of living for everybody in Vienna.

Innovative Vienna 2020: 538 KB PDF

Areas of competence in Vienna

Life sciences and information technologies are evidence of the dynamic and intense research activities in Vienna’s areas of competence. Also, creative industries are a vibrant area of activity where creative products and solutions are developed. Urban technologies developed in Vienna are in high demand globally. In the environmental sector in particular, research is highly successful.

Areas of Competence

Vienna supports research and science

The City of Vienna encourages application-oriented research through the Vienna Business Agency and the Vienna Science and Technology Fund WWTF. A further six funds and foundations support research with prizes and grants.

Support and Services for Research

Urban Research

Urban areas are complex systems. In order to plan the physical environment of a city, a wide range of subject areas must be monitored. Extensive research is carried out by the City of Vienna, to gain an insight into social, economic and environmental trends that influence the needs of citizens and businesses. Emerging strengths of the economy can be harnessed through proactive town planning. Social and environmental issues can be tackled effectively.

Urban Research and Urban Technologies

Facts and Figures

Vienna is the centre of research in Austria: more than 40,000 researchers work in Vienna; more than EUR 2,8 billion are invested in research annually. About 35 percent of all researchers in Austria are located in Vienna. Also, almost 40 per cent of Austrian research expenditure can be attributed to the city. The research quota of Vienna already exceeds 3.5 per cent of GDP, thus meeting the Europe 2020 target of the European Union long before the 2020 deadline.

30 per cent of all Austrian research institutions are based in Vienna. Research activity is not limited to universities and large research institutes. Over the past years, the number of businesses conducting research has risen by over 50 per cent. In total, almost 1,500 research institutions are active in Vienna, more than 50 per cent of these arebusinesses.

Business Location Vienna: 8 MB PDF

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